Get help arranging child maintenance

This service will give you information about the different options available to make a child maintenance arrangement. These are:

  • make your own private arrangement
  • use the Child Maintenance Service

At the end of this service, you can choose to make a private arrangement or start a new child maintenance application.

Contact Child Maintenance Choices if you live in Northern Ireland

Start now

If you have used the Child Maintenance Service before

You should report a change of circumstances (opens in new tab) If you need to make a change to your existing child maintenance arrangement.

You can use this service to find out how you can arrange child maintenance payments with a different parent.

I do not know if I have an existing child maintenance arrangement
I need to change which parent receives or pays child maintenance

You will need to close your existing Child Maintenance case and open a new one.

If you were the original applicant, you can close your case in My Child Maintenance Case (opens in new tab) , or you can contact the Child Maintenance Service (opens in new tab).

If you were not the original applicant, you will need to contact the Child Maintenance Service (opens in new tab).